wouldnt it be cool to just like not feel nervous about everything all the time

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Zombie Apocalypse AU

Don’t know when I’ll draw Elsa, Rapunzel, and Merida but here’s Anna :b

Questionoh gosh i'm on mobile but i'm also goiing to Nashicon and I can't see the image of the Yuki you're going as :(( I was wondering because I was going as Gasai Yuno from the Future Diary and it would be /amazing/ if I saw an Amano Yuki uwu sorry to bother ~ Answer

We’re in a panel right now, room 4. We’d love to meet up with you, no bother at all! We could meet maybe after the panel gets out at 4?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so close we’re in Columbia!


Excited for Nashiconnn!


Excited for Nashiconnn!



[A torn piece of paper is tucked behind the chalkboard. The words on it are neatly written in pencil.]

[Victim’s Memoirs (1/5)]

I need to write this down, maybe this can help somebody. This place is evil. You mustn’t trust the children. Don’t listen to anything they tell you, don’t follow them, and do not play with them. They are awful, horrible creatures. Don’t trust them.  There are horrors no one should ever endure, and they inflict them.  If you find this note, I’m trying to find a way outside. Stay safe.


[A ripped page lies on the floor, held in place by a fragment of wood that has been lain on top of it.]

[Victim’s Memoirs (2/5)]

The wood here is so loose and broken, I must’ve just been silly and brushed against it too hard. It’s going to be alright, I can just get it out. All I need is some tweezers or something pointy, but the infirmary didn’t have anything. My finger is starting to hurt, why did it have to be my left hand? It hurts so much to write, but I have to keep making these. What if I never make it out, and this place is my graveyard?


[An aged piece of paper that once contained a much older note now has been written over. A few smears of dried blood dot the note in certain places. It rests on a desk, folded neatly. The words are written sloppily, the letters formed awkwardly through jerks and pushes.]

[Victim’s Memoirs (3/5)]

It hurts so much, but I have to say more things. My finger hurts so badly, the splinter is infected but I can’t get it out. I tried to use my teeth, but I couldn’t handle the pain and the taste of my own blood and now I’m going to die it’ll infect all of me and I can’t handle the pain I couldn’t find a way outside I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry


[A note has been scribbled on a ripped page from a textbook. There are various stains on it, some which are definitely blood, and some that seem to be from an opaque, yellowish liquid that dried a crusty shade of tan.]

[Victim’s Memoirs (4/5)]

It’s spread, it’s spread I know it’s spread there is pus coming out of it and I can’t move my arm how long have I been in here I cant die in here can I? What will happen? Will anyone care that I’m dead? I don’t want to die I don’t want to just be another body in the halls please, please what do I do how do I fix it I don’t care about the pain anymore I just want to write, you have to read this and understand who I am what if no one knows? But it hurts too much


[Next to a corpse that still has flesh clinging to it, a note smeared in heavy amounts of dried blood is lying forgotten on the floor. The text is written in slippery handwritten, the letters poorly formed and extremely difficult to read.]

[Victim’s Memoirs {5/5)]

[Are you sure you wish to continue?]

I cut it off. There was a knife and my finger was hurting too much so I cut it off. It was so hard, and it hurt so bad. I almost stopped when I got to the bone. Writing hurts even more now, there’s so much blood I can’t hold the pencil right. I forgot where I left my finger, but it doesn’t matter now. I’m going to die here, I know I am. There is too much blood and I don’t want to go home with only nine fingers. I can stay here, writing more tombstones. Not everyone here got a tombstone so I will write for all of them. I don’t care how much it hurts I am going to keep writing, forever. ——- doesn’t I will keep ——- always —— on every——-remember

[The rest of the note is unreadable due to copious amounts of blood. As you look up from the paper, you notice dried blood on the walls. As you approach closer, you realize that they are words, scribbled apologizes written by what you assume was the stump of her finger. As you brush the wall to see how fresh they are, you feel a sharp pricking pain and realize that a tiny splinter of wood has lodged itself within your finger. The dried blood starts to appear more and more fresh until it begins to drip, the word “forever” blurring with the word “dead”.    You stumble backwards, tripping over the corpse and falling onto the floor. The weak wood cracks and caves in under the unexpected weight, and you crash through it, landing splattered on the floor below.]








this truly scared me i thought the legs on the right were some crispy burnt up human legs i need a minute to breathe


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The perfect disguise for this Sunday




People don’t always know the right way to talk to artists … so I made a guide. There’s a lot more I could have added, but these are the basics.

Some artists will draw your OC for free, but make sure that they are okay with doing that before asking. Otherwise, you’re being rude.

Seriously, don’t put yourself down to compliment others. That just puts them in an awkward position and stunts the goodness of yourself as well.

First one especially.